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Quokka is not perfect and some features could be improved. The list below is not a Roadmap per se but more like a whishlist.

Do not hesitate to open Issues for requesting features.

Export Information

  • Types Information

    For the moment, Quokka does not export types information. This feature would be super useful for various analyses.

  • Stack Variable

    IDA defines stack variables in the function. Exporting them could be valuable for some workflows

  • Decompiler

    Hex-Rays generates a pseudo C-code from binary code. Exporting it as well could also be nice

  • Operands Data

    While the operands are exported, it is hard to understand them outside IDA without having the disassembler documentation. Exporting information on them could be interesting.


  • Rewrite the Reference Manager

    The Reference Manager is hard to understand, to maintain and to use. Plus, it has some performances issues. It has to be rewritten to be improved while not losing any functionalities.

  • Remove the interface for Function Chunks

    A Function Chunk is an IDA abstraction for function parts. However, it is meaningless to expose them in the user interface because users do not care about them.

  • Use weakref for Program

    Program has backref in most items in Quokka. However, we should use weakref to allow the garbage collector to do its magic when cleaning some parts of the program.


  • Quokka for Ghidra / Binary Ninja

    While IDA works nicely, some researchers have moved to other disassemblers. Having an export working for Binary Ninja and Ghidra could help Quokka adoption!


  • Support Fat binaries

    IDA supports disassembling Fat Binaries but Quokka will only export the first one. One nice feature would be to select which one to export

  • Verify the support for unknown architectures

    Quokka should export any binary but it has been barely tested with other architectures.


  • Document Export Modes

    Quokka has three export modes, but only one is properly documented (NORMAL)