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Python Bindings

System requirements

  • python 3.9 is required. It should also work with higher versions and is regularly developed with python 3.10.


While the IDA plugin requires Linux, the Python bindings should also work on other architectures. However, it has not yet been tested.


Using PIP

$ pip install quokka-project

Using the sources

To have the latest version, you can directly download the source from GitHub and install it locally.

$ git clone
$ cd quokka
$ python -m venv .quokka-env
$ source .quokka-env/bin/activate
(.quokka-env) $ pip install .


The previous snippet creates a virtualenv, which is a good practice to manage Python dependencies.

Using a CI wheel

CI wheels are available directly on the CI

Final checks

To check the installation worked, run the following commands:

$ source .quokka-env/bin/activate
(.quokka-env) $ python -c 'import quokka; print(quokka.__version__)'

IDA Plugin


IDA Plugin


The plugin support for Windows is experimental.

From the CI

The plugin is built on the CI and available in the Release.

To download the plugin, get the file named quokka_plugin**.so.


Requirements :

  • CMake (at least 3.13)
  • A reasonable modern compiler supporting at least Cxx17
  • IDA Sdk (version 7.3 or higher) 64 bits
  • IDA (7.3 or higher)

Standard build

The first step is to download the sources. You can clone the repository like in here

To compile quokka, you first need to generate the configuration using CMake.

user@host:~$ cd quokka
user@host:~/quokka$ cmake -B build \ # Where to build 
                          -S . \ # Where are the sources
                          -DIdaSdk_ROOT_DIR:STRING=path/to/ida_sdk \ # Path to IDA SDK 
                          -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE:STRING=Release # Build Type

If the first step succeeded, you can now do the actual building.

user@host:~/quokka$ cmake --build build --target quokka_plugin -- -j  # use as many core as possible

Build On Windows


This is only experimental.


This procedure has only been tested with using a Windows Dev Machine:

Optional: - ccache v4.6.3


  1. Configure the plugin

console PS C:\Users\User\quokka> cmake -B build -S . -DIdaSdk_ROOT_DIR=third_party/idasdk80 -A x64

  1. Perform the build

    PS C:\Users\User\quokka> cmake --build build --target quokka_plugin --config Release
  2. Cross your fingers and hope.

    Quokka for Windows is experimental and not tested. There are known issues with older Visual Studio versions and Ninja. Feel free to report any bug.