Source code for tritondse.loaders.program

from __future__ import annotations

# built-in imports
from pathlib import Path
from typing import Optional, Generator, Tuple
from collections import namedtuple

# third party
import lief

# local imports
from tritondse.types import PathLike, Addr, Architecture, Platform, ArchMode, Perm, Endian
from tritondse.loaders import Loader, LoadableSegment
import tritondse.logging

logger = tritondse.logging.get("loader")

_arch_mapper = {
    lief.ARCHITECTURES.ARM:   Architecture.ARM32,
    lief.ARCHITECTURES.ARM64: Architecture.AARCH64,
    lief.ARCHITECTURES.X86:   Architecture.X86

_plfm_mapper = {
    lief.EXE_FORMATS.ELF: Platform.LINUX,
    lief.EXE_FORMATS.PE: Platform.WINDOWS,
    lief.EXE_FORMATS.MACHO: Platform.MACOS

[docs] class Program(Loader): """ Representation of a program (loaded in memory). This class is wrapping `LIEF <>`_ to represent a program and to provide all the features allowing to pseudo-load one regardless of its format. """ EXTERN_SYM_BASE = 0x0f001000 EXTERN_SYM_SIZE = 0x1000 BASE_STACK = 0xf0000000 END_STACK = 0x70000000 # This is inclusive def __init__(self, path: PathLike): """ :param path: Program path :type path: :py:obj:`tritondse.types.PathLike` :raise FileNotFoundError: if the file is not properly recognized by lief or in the wrong architecture """ super(Program, self).__init__(path) self.path: Path = Path(path) #: Binary file path if not self.path.is_file(): raise FileNotFoundError(f"file {path} not found (or not a file)") self._binary = lief.parse(str(self.path)) if self._binary is None: # lief has not been able to parse it raise FileNotFoundError(f"file {path} not recognised by lief") self._arch = self._load_arch() if self._arch is None: raise FileNotFoundError(f"binary {path} architecture unsupported {self._binary.abstract.header.architecture}") try: self._plfm = _plfm_mapper[self._binary.format] # TODO: better refine for Android, iOS etc. except KeyError: self._plfm = None self._funs = { f for f in self._binary.concrete.functions} @property def name(self) -> str: """ Name of the loader""" return f"Program({self.path})" @property def endianness(self) -> Endian: return {lief.ENDIANNESS.LITTLE: Endian.LITTLE, lief.ENDIANNESS.BIG: Endian.BIG}[self._binary.abstract.header.endianness] @property def entry_point(self) -> Addr: """ Program entrypoint address as defined in the binary headers :rtype: :py:obj:`tritondse.types.Addr` """ return self._binary.entrypoint @property def architecture(self) -> Architecture: """ Architecture enum representing program architecture. :rtype: Architecture """ return self._arch @property def platform(self) -> Optional[Platform]: """ Platform of the binary. Its solely based on the format of the file ELF, PE etc.. :return: Platform """ return self._plfm @property def format(self) -> lief.EXE_FORMATS: """ Binary format. Supported formats by lief are: ELF, PE, MachO :rtype: lief.EXE_FORMATS """ return self._binary.format def _load_arch(self) -> Optional[Architecture]: """ Load architecture as an Architecture object. :return: Architecture or None if unsupported """ arch = self._binary.abstract.header.architecture if arch in _arch_mapper: arch = _arch_mapper[arch] if arch == Architecture.X86: arch = Architecture.X86 if self._binary.abstract.header.is_32 else Architecture.X86_64 return arch else: return None @property def relocation_enum(self): """ LIEF relocation enum associated with the current architecture of the binary. :return: LIEF relocation enum :rtype: Union[lief.ELF.RELOCATION_AARCH64, lief.ELF.RELOCATION_ARM, lief.ELF.RELOCATION_PPC64, lief.ELF.RELOCATION_PPC, lief.ELF.RELOCATION_i386, lief.ELF.RELOCATION_X86_64] """ rel_map = { lief.ELF.ARCH.AARCH64: lief.ELF.RELOCATION_AARCH64, lief.ELF.ARCH.ARM: lief.ELF.RELOCATION_ARM, lief.ELF.ARCH.PPC64: lief.ELF.RELOCATION_PPC64, lief.ELF.ARCH.PPC: lief.ELF.RELOCATION_PPC, lief.ELF.ARCH.i386: lief.ELF.RELOCATION_i386, lief.ELF.ARCH.x86_64: lief.ELF.RELOCATION_X86_64 } return rel_map[self._binary.concrete.header.machine_type] def _is_glob_dat(self, rel: lief.ELF.Relocation) -> bool: """ Get whether the given relocation is of type GLOB_DAT. Used locally to find mandatory relocations """ rel_enum = self.relocation_enum if hasattr(rel_enum, "GLOB_DAT"): return rel_enum(rel.type) == getattr(rel_enum, "GLOB_DAT") else: return False # Not GLOB_DAT relocation for this architecture
[docs] def memory_segments(self) -> Generator[LoadableSegment, None, None]: """ Iterate over all memory segments of the program as loaded in memory. :return: Generator of tuples addrs and content :raise NotImplementedError: if the binary format cannot be loaded """ if self.format == lief.EXE_FORMATS.ELF: for i, seg in enumerate(self._binary.concrete.segments): if seg.type == lief.ELF.SEGMENT_TYPES.LOAD: content = bytearray(seg.content) if seg.virtual_size != len(seg.content): # pad with zeros (as it might be .bss) content += bytearray([0]) * (seg.virtual_size - seg.physical_size) yield LoadableSegment(seg.virtual_address, perms=Perm(int(seg.flags)), content=bytes(content), name=f"seg{i}") else: raise NotImplementedError(f"memory segments not implemented for: {}") # Also return a specific map to put external symbols yield LoadableSegment(self.EXTERN_SYM_BASE, self.EXTERN_SYM_SIZE, Perm.R | Perm.W, name="[extern]") yield LoadableSegment(self.END_STACK, self.BASE_STACK-self.END_STACK, Perm.R | Perm.W, name="[stack]")
[docs] def imported_functions_relocations(self) -> Generator[Tuple[str, Addr], None, None]: """ Iterate over all imported functions by the program. This function is a generator of tuples associating the function and its relocation address in the binary. :return: Generator of tuples function name and relocation address """ if self.format == lief.EXE_FORMATS.ELF: try: # Iterate functions imported through PLT for rel in self._binary.concrete.pltgot_relocations: yield, rel.address # Iterate functions imported via mandatory relocation (e.g: __libc_start_main) for rel in self._binary.dynamic_relocations: if self._is_glob_dat(rel) and rel.has_symbol and not rel.symbol.is_variable: yield, rel.address except Exception: logger.error('Something wrong with the pltgot relocations') else: raise NotImplementedError(f"Imported functions relocations not implemented for: {}")
[docs] def imported_variable_symbols_relocations(self) -> Generator[Tuple[str, Addr], None, None]: """ Iterate over all imported variable symbols. Yield for each of them the name and the relocation address in the binary. :return: Generator of tuples with symbol name, relocation address """ if self.format == lief.EXE_FORMATS.ELF: rel_enum = self.relocation_enum # Iterate imported symbols for rel in self._binary.dynamic_relocations: if rel.has_symbol: #if rel_enum(rel.type) == rel_enum.COPY and rel.has_symbol: if rel.symbol.is_variable: yield, rel.address else: raise NotImplementedError(f"Imported symbols relocations not implemented for: {}")
[docs] def find_function_addr(self, name: str) -> Optional[Addr]: """ Search for the function name in fonctions of the binary. :param name: Function name :type name: str :return: Address of function if found :rtype: Addr """ f = self._funs.get(name) return f.address if f else None
@property def arch_mode(self) -> ArchMode: pass # TODO: Richard