TritonDSE is a Python library providing exploration capabilities to Triton and some refinement easing its usage. This library is primarily designed to perform pure emulation symbolic execution even though it can also be applied under different settings. It works by performing an elementary loading of the program and starts exploring from the entrypoint. The whole exploration can be instrumented using a hook mechanism enabling to obtain a handle on various events.

At the moment solely ELF and Linux are supported. But further development can lead to more platform. Furthermore it provides facilities on the C runtime and it has not been tested on other types of programs.

Difference with Triton

TritonDSE goal is to provide higher-level primitives than Triton. Indeed Triton is a low-level framework where one have to provide manually all instructions to be executed symbolically. As such, TritonDSE provides the following features:

  • Loader mechanism (based on LIEF, cle or custom ones)

  • Memory segmentation

  • Coverage strategies (block, edge, path)

  • Pointer coverage

  • Automatic input injection on stdin, argv

  • Input replay with QBDI

  • input scheduling (customizable)

  • sanitizer mechanism

  • basic heap allocator

  • some libc symbolic stubs


Now that Triton is available through Pypi, all TritonDSE dependencies can be installed via pip. Installing is as simple as:

$ pip3 install tritondse