class tritondse.Config(seed_format: ~tritondse.seed.SeedFormat = SeedFormat.RAW, pipe_stdout: bool = False, pipe_stderr: bool = False, skip_sleep_routine: bool = False, smt_solver: ~tritondse.types.SmtSolver = SmtSolver.Z3, smt_timeout: int = 5000, execution_timeout: int = 0, exploration_timeout: int = 0, exploration_limit: int = 0, thread_scheduling: int = 200, smt_queries_limit: int = 1200, smt_enumeration_limit: int = 40, coverage_strategy: ~tritondse.coverage.CoverageStrategy = CoverageStrategy.BLOCK, branch_solving_strategy: ~tritondse.coverage.BranchSolvingStrategy = <BranchSolvingStrategy.FIRST_LAST_NOT_COVERED: 2>, workspace: str = '', workspace_reset=False, program_argv: ~typing.List[str] = None, time_inc_coefficient: float = 1e-05, skip_unsupported_import: bool = False, skip_unsupported_instruction: bool = False, memory_segmentation: bool = True)[source]

Data class holding tritondse configuration parameter

branch_solving_strategy: BranchSolvingStrategy

Branch solving strategy to apply for a single execution. For a given non-covered branch allows changing whether we try to solve it at all occurrences or more seldomly. default: BranchSolvingStrategy.FIRST_LAST_NOT_COVERED

coverage_strategy: CoverageStrategy

Coverage strategy to apply for the whole exploration, default: CoverageStrategy.BLOCK


Custom carrier field enabling user to add parameters of their own.

execution_timeout: int

Timeout of a single execution. If it is triggered the associated input file is marked as ‘hanging’. In seconds, 0 means unlimited (default: 0)

exploration_limit: int

Number of execution iterations. 0 means unlimited (default: 0)

exploration_timeout: int

Overall timeout of the exploration in seconds. 0 means unlimited (default: 0)

static from_file(file: str) Config[source]

Load a configuration from a file to a new instance of Config


file – The path name


A fresh instance of Config

static from_json(s: str) Config[source]

Load a configuration from a json input to a new instance of Config


s – The JSON text


A fresh instance of Config

is_format_composite() bool[source]

Return true if the seed format is composite

is_format_raw() bool[source]

Return true if the seed format is raw

memory_segmentation: bool

This option defines whether or not memory segmentation is enforced. If activated all memory accesses must belong to a mapped memory area.

pipe_stderr: bool

Pipe the program stderr to Python’s stderr (default: False)

pipe_stdout: bool

Pipe the program stdout to Python’s stdout. (default: False)

program_argv: List[str]

Concrete program argument as given on the command line.

seed_format: SeedFormat

Seed type is either Raw (raw bytes) or Composite (more expressive). See for more information on each format.

skip_sleep_routine: bool

Whether to emulate sleeps routine or not (default: False)

skip_unsupported_import: bool

Whether or not to stop the emulation when hitting a external call to a function that is not supported.

skip_unsupported_instruction: bool

Whether or not to stop the emulation when hitting an instruction for which the semantic is not defined.

smt_enumeration_limit: int

Limit of model values retrieved when enumerating a dynamic jump or symbolic memory accesses

smt_queries_limit: int

Limit of SMT queries to perform for a single execution (default: 1200)

smt_solver: SmtSolver

SMT solver to perform queries solving

smt_timeout: int

Timeout for a single SMT query in milliseconds (default: 10)

thread_scheduling: int

Number of instructions to execute before switching to the next thread. At the moment all threads are scheduled in a round-robin manner (default: 200)

time_inc_coefficient: float

Time increment coefficient at each instruction to provide a deterministic behavior when calling time functions (e.g gettimeofday(), clock_gettime(), …). For example, if 0.0001 is defined, each instruction will increment the time representation of the execution by 100us. (default: 0.00001)

to_file(file: str) None[source]

Save the current configuration to a file


file – The path name

to_json() str[source]

Convert the current configuration to a json output


JSON text

workspace: str

Workspace directory to use. (default: ‘workspace’)

workspace_reset: bool

If True overwrites the existing workspace.