exception tritondse.exception.AbortExecutionException[source]

Exception to rais in a callback to stop current SymbolicExecutor. The user should be careful to set the status of the current seed being executed.

exception tritondse.exception.AllocatorException(message)[source]

Class used to represent a heap allocator exception. This exception can be raised in the following conditions:

  • trying to allocate data which overflow heap size

  • trying to free a pointer already freed

  • trying to free a non-allocated pointer

exception tritondse.exception.ProbeException(message)[source]

Exception to raise in a probe to stop the current exception. It is caught by SymbolicExplorator.

exception tritondse.exception.SkipInstructionException[source]

Exception to raise in a PRE callback to skip the evaluation of the current instruction. It will thus force a SymbolicExecutor to fetch the next instruction. Thus, the user have to update the RIP of the ProcessState currently being executed.

exception tritondse.exception.StopExplorationException[source]

Exception to raise in a callback to stop the whole exploration of the program. It is caught by SymbolicExplorator.