Installing QSynthesis is rather straightforward, you just need to:

  • Use the provided to install QSynthesis

  • (Optional) copy the ida_plugin/ in the IDA Pro plugin folder

  • (Optional) install additionnal dependencies to generate tables or to serve tables as server

Thus it can be done with:

$ git clone
$ cd qsynthesis
$ pip3 install .

You’re ready to go !

Optional dependencies

Not to install too many third-party libraries the default installation only install the strict minimum. Various features requires installing additional packages.

  • Table generation: requires dragonffi and sympy pip install .[generator]

  • Reassemby: requires arybo and llvmlite pip install .[reassembly]

  • Server: requires FastAPI pip install .[server]

You can install all dependencies all at once with pip install .[all].

Installing the IDA Plugin

Then to install the plugin just copy the file ida_plugin/ in your IDA Pro plugin directory.


The plugin is solely working on IDA with Python3, and latest versions of IDA.